Hi there im looking for some help with my firewall, something seems to be turning of my firewall or stopping the service, it seems to happen at regular times so i'm hoping it wont be too dificult to trace for someone with the right knowhow im using windows xp pro aol 9(yeh yeh i know!) and its mcafee personal firewall plus one other thing ive noticed is that after mcafee stops and i restart it if i try to look at windows firewall settings (control panel\security centre..) it says that settings cannot be displayed as the associated service (ICS) is not running, i know mcafee has its own service but im almost certain this is somehow connected by the way windows firewall is switched off. Any help would be well appreciated cheers.

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...im almost certain this is somehow connected by the way windows firewall is switched off. Any help would be well appreciated cheers.

You're right. These two programs don't play well at all with each other. As far as your issue goes, I would first make sure you're clean from any malicious programs. Go to the Viruses, Spyware & other Nasties forum and check out their stickys. You’ll find great help on which programs to use to both remove and prevent malware, spyware, and adware. Using one of the suggested tools, HijackThis, you can post the resulting log onto the forum for analysis.

Once you’re clean, we’ll then attempt to tackle your issue, full knowing that malicious code is not to blame.


Hi there sorry about this but this may seem really dumb but im struggling to upload the HJT log do i have to zip it first or something?

There's no need to zip the log before posting it, but DO NOT post the log in this thread! All HJT logs need to be posted in our Viruses, Spyware, and other Nasties forum. Please start a new thread in that forum and post the log there.

To post the log, just open the log file in Windows Notepad and copy 'n paste the entire contents of the file into your new post.

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