i am running xp home on both computers and have set up an ad-hoc ( peer to peer) with my wireless card in my desktop, in order to have my wireless laptop also share the internet connection. i have cable, and a hardware card that is connected to the modem in order to free up the wireless to use to broadcast.

the issue i am having is, using netgear's application w311v2 smart configuration it broadcasts the signal fine, and the laptop connects fine but when it's in ad-hoc mode, it will "scan" the channels every 2 mins or so, disconnecting the laptop from the internet. i don't know much about wireless networking, so i am hoping this is a simple solution, such as a setting somewhere. thanks in advance for your time.

My guess is that you need to look in your wireless card properties
And set it to work on specific channel, on both computers.
I guess this should solve this issue.
I did it in my access point and my laptop.
Good Luck
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