Hey guys.

Before you say anything, yes I know you can't have 2 modems on at once.

So, i'm 16 and my parents like to turn off the internet at night so i cant use it. So I bought a Billion BiPac 5210s for my room. I plugged it all in and the ADSL and PPP lights were both solid, so i was ready to go. I plugged the LAN cable into my laptop and theres no internet access. It just shows a yellow sign on top of the icon where the wireless status would be etc in the taskbar the same as the one that indicates you have limited or no connectivity, except the only difference was i had no connectivity. I tried to troubleshoot the problem (Im running Windows 7 by the way) and it said theres a problem with my modem. There definitely isnt, as i tried it on the phone port outside my room and it worked.
When i go onto the modem homepage ( It says that it is connected and syncing at 3500-4000 down and 500-800 up. So you'd think it should be working.

Sorry if this is too hard to understand. I am on Exetel ADSL2+ in Perth, Western Australia if any of you need to know.



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How do your parents turn off the internet? Do they unplug the main phone line? if so you're stuck to Windows Solitaire, buddy. You might as well get a cellular data plan and a dongle to bypass your parents' tyrannism.

i think so because it can't happens in the same time

I can see both sides of the problem, yours and your parents!
*Perhaps it might be worth trying some negotiation with them (they pay the bills!)

Just out of curiosity: Why do they turn off the internets at night? Are they afraid you won't get no sleep or is there another filthy reason for that? :P No just kidding, but the line has to be plugged in order to connect. I think you're too young to get a cellular plan by yourself, you might as well try to unseenly tap a working wire from somewhere else in the house. After all, a kid your age should be nifty enough to work something out like that ;)

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