This computer I am working on is running a Vista OS. It's not connecting to any websites. I am able to connect to my router, any local network, even Microsoft updates see there needs to be an update and will attempt to connect but gets pretty much no signal. There ARE packets coming and going here. When I go to use either browser Explorer/Firefox I get the not able to connect issue. I have done a lot of basic to more than basic diagnostics. I have found out this particular machine doesnt have service pack 1 installed. I downloaded service pack 1 via another machine and dropped the .exe on the desktop. When I go to install it I get a riched20.dll file error (which I also get upon doing many other things in this machine). From what I gather riched20.dll is a outlook dll file reference. Yet, I am not doing anything close to outlook so I don't understand why I keep getting this error. Back to the networking problem...

with all of that I say this, I am including the riched20.dll issue because I think maybe getting service pack 1 installed may fix this internet connection issue. I have checked to update drivers it seems the latest driver for this Marvell Yukon 88E056 PCI-E Ethernet Controller was done in 2007. The computer is up to date with it. I have ran many virus scans and things of that sort. I have triple checked internet options and windows firewall options. I have no clue whats going on here. Any help would be great I hope I gave good enough prognosis of my problem.


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