I need to do this in 2 days and i dont have a clue :)
It is assignment. If anyone can help - U R WELCOME
This is the scenario:

International software company that is developing, documenting and testing all kinds of software applications.
The company is on a wholo flor in a building, but soon it is moving to new location.
The company has 30-40 employees which can be categorised in this groups:

Group A: Has 7 employees (Angelina, Peter, John, George, Anna, Monika and Igor) and is primary developing and testing 3D multiplayer games.
The members develop the games or test them by playing on the network.Everyone of them is using internet tome to time. Igor, who is a manager
of the group A, does not develop or test the software, he's just monitoring the logs for the projects which are located on a server dedicated to this group.
Every chAnge in the code or documentation is written in this logs

Group B: Has 6 employees (Kristina, Michael, Nick, Anton, Kiro, Pero) is working on development of software that detects passive programs
in the network(eg. Sniffers). The company is planing to employ 2-3 extra members in this group.

Group C: has 4 employees (Pit, Elena, Kyle and Mito) and is developing a variation of File Transfer Protocol(FTP). Mito is a manager on this group

Group D: has 4 employees (Maria, Beth, Jovan and Vladimir) is responsible for administration in the company. Employees work with standard business
applications which make changes in the company database on a separate server. Also, they use internet to search for projects for which the company can bid.
Beth is a group manager

Group E:has 4 employees Victor, Magdalena, Tina and Zoran,) and is responsible for development and maintenance of the company website. They also download software from internet and produce CD's

Iva, Brad and Jonathan are administrators of the computer network and are responsible for it to work efficiently

Stefan is a general manager of the company. He uses software for video conferencing to comunicate with the managers and administrators

Additional Info::

- Every group has a laser printer
- Managers have color ink-jet printer
- All employees have mails on the company mail server
- All employees have to authentificate to get access rights
- All managers and administrators have access to the company database

The new building the company is moving to has:

1 Floor:
-one big office that fits 12 workstations(12 computers and 12 employees)
-big office that fits 10 workstations
-office that fits 5 workstations
-Little room of 4 square meters

2 Floor:

-office that fits 8 workstations
-office that fits 3 workstations
-office that fits 2 workstations
-Little room of 6 square meters


Two little rooms, each 4 square meters

The company is making new network in the new building. They are interested to make the new network expandable, to be efficient, to be secure.
The price is a very inportant factor also, so it should have optimal price-performance ratio (unnesesary expensive equipment
which is not going to be fully used should not be considered)

So i need to design this and explain why it's designet that way!!!

well due, I think you should break down a little bit your problem.
first of all I will get a piece of paper and draw the easy steps, for example. draw the 3 floors with the capacity of each room, then try to accommodate every computer and each room base on groups, keeping in mind the printers for groups and personal use.
after that you should be asking questions like, in what floor is secure put the database server or the authentication server and why?

I think that friends around this neighbor will help you better.


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