Well I'm trying to connect my xbox to my pc it's been connected to my pc for about four years but now I recently moved and now for some reason my pc decides it doesn't want to connect to my xbox it reconizes that it's hooked up and it tries to connect then it stops and I get an error saying limited or no connectivity Ive tried to do a restore and it connects after but then for some reason my wireless Internet connection stops working this really doesint make any since because everything worked fine like a week ago when I packed the computer up and it didn't fall or get hit or anything I worked great I really wanna get back on xbox live I miss my friends please help me, oh and and when I click on the support tab it says "this error occurred because the network didn't assign a network adress to the computer" I use windows xp sp 2 thank you

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xbox was connected to the computer? or was it connected to your router? the xbox is saying it didn't get an IP address, so it apparently has no connection with the server that assigns IP Addresses... like your router, or whatever such device you have. your DHCP server doesn't tend to be a computer.

Its solved thank you anyway I just needed to assign a new ip address to my local area connection

Maybe you should try marking this thread as solved. Today i went to a lot of thread that is not marked solved but when i went inside the poster told me it is already solved. Marks this thread as solved so it won't confuse other people.


There ya go mate and I really do appreciate the time you was gonna take : )

Is there any thread you have that is not solved. tell me, i would like to help

sadly yet gladly no but I have new problems pop up allllllll the time there's gonna be something ;(

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