hi all,
my friends and i all have black hawk down and want to play over the internet via LAN, most can connect to my game server but i cant connect to theres (the server list is empty) when i click search for servers, we dont want to play via the internet just LAN, all firewalls allow this game through, one friend is in the usa and the rest are in the uk, the friend in the uk cant connect to any like me, but others are all ok they all connect fine. we have all got Hamachi too but still two of us are still having trouble connecting to other servers, i am using Virgin isp (cable), win xp, amd athlon 64, 2gb ram.
If anyone can help us all to connect to one another i would appreciate it.
I cant understand WHY they can connect to my server but i cant connect to thiers ???
Thanks to all in advance

have you tried turning off the firewall just for testing? i have found that many times programs such as norton internet security will do this. this would be just a temporary test. if it works with firewalls off you know where your problem is.

Good Luck

i know that for certain games, you need to open up certain ports on your router so that you are able to host. For Black Hawk Down, I read that you need to open port 17479. I'm not all that experienced, but this seems like it might help. If all your friends do this, they should all be able to host.

For certain games you need to open some ports on routers so that it will be able for you to host.