Bit of a strange one, the two laptops can connect to the router fine, but the Xp desktop won't. All running from wireless. The desktop can detect other networks just not this one? But the router is working fine and in range as the two laptops are picking it up.

Tried re-installing the wireless adaptor, as well as going back to an earlier restore point when it was working but still nothing. It's mainly annoying as we use the desktop as a print server for everything else.

Running a Belkin54G wireless router, Belkin 54G adaptor in the desktop. And BT Voyager with VOIP.

It's proberbly something really simple that I've missed!

Thanks guys,

Dazza :cool:

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Post ipconfig /all from the desktop.

Are you broadcasting your SSID? Not broadcasting your SSID would explain the "The desktop can detect other networks just not this one?" issue.

SSID is broadcasting as the two Vista laptops and the iPod's can find it. Just the Xp desktop.

Will post the ipconfig log when I get a chance though.

Thanks guys,

Dazza :cool:

home edition MUST have SP2 install to use wireless, update the pc then try again

It has - has been working fine, then suddenly stopped finding it but can still find others, nothing has changed though.

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