Ok... so we have comcast, i know it sucks, and weve had modem problems in the past. it shuts down randomly and has to be replaced ever yr or so. so instead of replacing this modem with a new comcast modem we bought our own, that has great reviews. 4star on the best buy site, its a surf board xtreme thing lol i dont know the name of it off the top of my head. it recently had the same problem, and we just bought it today. would it be something with the router or...? throw out ideas cuz im lost for em.

thanks for reading

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What happens when you have an outage? No internet access at all from all machines? Are you able to access everything else within your network? Do you have a IPS in place? While you are having an outage are you able to bypass your network device and test your outbound connection? When you contact Comcast during an outage are they able to communicate with your router?

Once you get your issue worked out you might want to look into docsis 3.0 here is a link telling you about the benefits. I am running it at and noticed a significant improvement!


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