I am running an early version of linux server with no GUI and about a month ago my web page stops responding at least once a day. I can still ssh to the server and when I try to lynx www.attyins.com I get no response on the box. The same from a remote PC. I see nothing in the logs that I can point to the problem. The software was installed by some friends I was working with a while back. I can get around linux but do not want to start from scatch. I am running apache. Would appreciate any help I can get.

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Well, there can be many things going wrong. First you need to identify if the problem is hardware or software related. If you have a router/firewall, is it blocking access on that port? Is port forwarding set up correctly? Have you noticed anything fishy in your apache configuration?

You're really going to need to give more information for any really useful help to be forthcoming.

Also, ask your friends what they may have changed on your machine - wouldn't be surprised is someone tweaked something small that you didn't know about.

I think this thread is dead. Anyone agree? This is the person's only post since October (when they signed up)

yeah, I agree

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