Hello, I am having trouble forwarding ports. I am using Asus RT-N56U router. Tried to forward many random ports but when I check canyouseeme.org it says "Connection refused". My windows firewall is off. Don't have any other. I also tried forwarding ports on my older router DGL-4100, but no luck. Both routers are updated with the latest firmware too. I don't know what to do. It must be my computer then? I am using nod32 and Malwarebytes, but when I try forwarding I disable them both. Also, my ISP is OOP and the modem model is Motorola SURFboard SBV6220.
Please, I really need help with this !

P.s. I know how to forward ports on both routers.... Currently im on Asus RT-N56U.

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Have you tried to get to the port locally inside you network to make sure it is available. You can use telnet to connect to a port and see if it is working:


Would connect you to port 25 on the local system at

Give an example of one of the forwards you tried to configure. People will be better able to help you if you do.

Hi, sorry for not replying for so long !
I tried connecting to telnet but that didn't work.
One of the ports I tried forwarding was 1604 and many more....

Hello ! So I'm back with the same problem, not that it was solved before but I change my ISP to verizon fios and thought now I'd be able to forward ports. But apparently I was wrong... Currently I'm using a verizon fios router MI424WR and asus RT-N56U. Maybe somebody kind enough could connect to my pc via teamviewer and check out whats the problem? I'd be very grateful for the effort!

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