Please pardon my lack of networking knowledge.

I am trying to figure out how to setup routing tables to connect to machines that are on a subnet on a different network.

My current machine is sitting on a network, we'll call it Net1: My IP is 10.44.76.X (subnet - gateway

There is a "test" network we'll call Net2. I can ping any machine on Net2, example IP is or Connected to those machines are the machines on the "subnet", we'll call Sub1. These ip's for example are,

Is there a way to directly access the Sub1 machines from my machine on Net1 ? I thought perhaps setting up my routing table would be the ticket - but I can't seem to successfully add any entries.

Any suggestions on how to do this, and if routing is the proper way - what do I need to figure out to properly route the traffic? Normally I have to ssh from my Net1 machine to the Net2 machines and then from there ssh to the Sub1 machines.

maybe u need a router to do your routing cause u do want to talk between network segments.

if you are the user of Linux then it is very easy to setup in a single network card but if you are user of windows then i prefer you to use router. routers are very useful to connect different network.