I am looking for a remote support solution. I've looked through the some discussions in the community and found most of them are about web-based solution, or software-based.
Has anybody thought of remote support appliance? I personally would go with appliance, as it is more secure and reliable. But I do want to know your thoughts or concerns when choosing your solution. thanks!!

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What are you looking for in a "remote support appliance"? What features and capabilities are important to you?

I think appliance is more secure and cost-effective.

Most hosted solutions are priced per month or per year, and it is impossible to integrate with LDAP because of potential security risks.

The software-only products require installation on a computer. The up-front cost is high. I need to have a dedicated computer to host it to avoid disruptions from other applications and extensive time to setup and maintain.

Appliance does not charge monthly fee and the upfront cost is low because appliance comes as a complete hardware and software bundled and pre-configured package. Also, I could deploy appliance behind firewall. And I don't need to rely on a 3rd party server.

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