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I would appreciate you help with this problem.
I am working with 3 Cisco 2960 L2 switches and one Cisco 3560 L3 switch. They each have an IP address and they are configured pretty much to default settings and all on the default VLAN (VLAN1). What I need to do is configure a VLAN on one of the switch ports. The PC on that port will have an entirely different ip address than the rest of my network and all it needs to do is have internet access.

I have already created VLAN 10 on fastethenet 0/2 on one 2960 and set switchport mode to access (should this be set to dynamic desireable?). I set it to access because there will be no other PCs on vlan 10 and so I am thinking the vlan does not have to be trunked. But what do I know? I just started working with managed switches recently.

So anyway, how do I get the PC on port 0/2 in VLAN 10 internet access?

Some helpful info: network -, switches .220 thru .223, default GW .13
PC on port 0/2 - (or any ip for that matter).

your assistance would be greatly appreciated. by the way, this is my first post on DaniWeb

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You can define that particular port on VLAN 10 and can modify accordingly and Dynamic is desireable as Switch will define that particular port number on particular Vlan with modifications accordingly.

Hi KoolRunner,
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Your configuration is right. The port that the PC is going to be connected to should not be a trunk and should be assigned to VLAN10. You should have a default gateway configured on the switch that you will be connecting the P.C to. Cisco 2960 and 3560 switches are capable of doing routing(i.e they can also do Layer 3 work). From the switch, ensure you can reach the default gateway's i.p address. The pc on vlan10 should then be able to reach the internet, assuming you do not have a firewall or access lists to prevent this.

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