Hi guys, we recently got an email account using our ISP domain. it's an account we want for several people to use to send mail using the SMTP server but receiving via the POP3 should be restricted to only one person. now the problem is the password is one. how can i configure for this to be effective? i hope my msg is clear!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Assuming you use Outlook, you can go to accounts and under the advanced tab there is an entry for Port Number. This is not an elegant solution but the normal server port number for incoming POP3 is 110. If you enter 1, for example, then this user will still be able to send messages but will not be able to receive. If they ever set their port number correctly, however, all the messages will come at once.

The primary user's computer can then be set to capture all messages by having their Outlook set up with all the accounts and it will capture all the incoming mail.


i just want to share printer in LAN. the printer is setuped in a pc which is in the domain.

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