What would be a good project on networking?
I am a second year IT student.
I an learning about networking.
Can any one give me idea about a good project?

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u can a technology or a complete system that is"wireless sensor network" to monitor or control any thing
i work a project of wireless water supply monitoring to monitor the flow of water in a pipeline system
this hard but a good project to do


make an VPN to VPN and VPN to client connections, using several types of hardware and software, it will give you more experience in networking and security.


VPN is Virtual Private Network, this means that you have a connection between two devices over the internet or any other WAN (Wide Area Network) connection, this is to protect the data over the network so in this way nobody but the persons on both ends can receive the data, in other words these are secure connections.

Take a look at the cisco forums, also you can setup a VPN connection at your home if your router has VPN capabilities or if it is compatible with third party firmwares such as dd-wrt, open-wrt other, and for the other end you can setup the VPN client on your Windows, Linux or Mac OS to connect.

If you have further questions feel free to ask.


I am new at networking.I am a student of IT ( 2nd year ). I have read about different types of cable, OSI modeling , IP addressing.I am a learner....
So how can I start a project for semister final.


I am in the initial stage.I have to read more.Please give me some idea about how can I will go far in this subject.


What Ezzaral said is true, you have to put in effort and cannot ask for direct help all the time. Are you familiar with the basic fundamental of networking security or security management? Which topic are you confident at? Surely you must have at least one.

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What is your most confident area? Work hard at it, unless you want to pick a new topic you have not experience in. Will be a bit risky but it may be a huge success too.


Read some Books related to Networking, O'Relley Series, Dummies Series, SAM's Tech Series.

Head First Networking is a good Book to Start. (ISBN-10: 0596521553)

Good Luck



If you want to a Project on Networking then you can proceed with "Network Security" Project.It gives an idea how a Network can be made secure and what are the different methods of securing your Network and how a "Stateful Inspection Firewall" Works and advantages and overcomes in Network Security.

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