:( please tell me about type of router and their different uses

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hi sir i am networksupervisor, sir i want to rinstal my server how i keep safe users
please gide me on my email [email removed]


sir i have 2003 server, and i make 20 users
now i have some problem in server, how i keepbacup the acativedirectory
please giude me on my email
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Router is a device for connecting different Networks with the help of Router one can configure different Routing protocols for communication between Networks and to know more about Routing protocols you are required to go through CCNA Course as i try to make you understand you will not be able to understand as it is a lengthy process.

Router is a device that forwards data packets along with the network. A router connected to at least two networks, commonly two LAN or wide area network or LAN and the ISP network. Router located in the gateway, where two or more network connections, and is the key equipment and maintaining the data network connection between mobile networks, and keep to the Internet.The Main Two types of Router

1. Wireless Routers
2. Broadband Routers

I know the router manufacturer has huawei and cisco

To Backup AD
Go to Run type NTBACKUP then clik next, check on Backup file n setting, select option let me choose, select my comp ->system state->Active Directory-> choose the path...

How many ports router can be accommodate?

What ports are you referring to? The ethernet port or what?

For ethernet port, there are 4 ports but you can always buy a switch to have more ports. What router are you using?

jingda was right when it comes physical ports.... but if you want for 20 ports. you have to buy the sold separated network switch. Sometimes it is called as network hub.

D-link is the best experienced networking device for me. (Router and Network Hub)

Router plus network switch === large network

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