Please help me solving few thought questions

1) is class A subnet mask which mean 255 network portion but in ip address we can only use upto, after 127 class b range starts?

2) If we buy an IP , after doing subnetting of that ip, how will i use my bought IP.. I mean i bought and i subnetted it in 4 network , what will be the function of main IP i bought then?

Thank you....

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Just the 192,168.x.x are class C free net addresses to be used in the intranet. No ISP can sell them.
Usually, the ISP sells you an IP address range, with a certain number of valid addresses in it, by means of a mask.

Any way, the IP you bough will mean the full range of addresses, according to the mask your ISP assigned to you.

The main IP, itself, will be the gateway for the first subnet.

Hope this helps

Thank you...... All for Great Help

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