i have a belkin router (wireless) and im having problems with some websites Page canot be displayed, befor 2 or 3 refress the web come thru, but some cities like citibank its almost imposible to acces. I know is the router problem because when i connect to a neighbor wifi connection this not happend. My connection is also WIFI.

Please help me

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I'm having the same problem if you find anything please let me know. Thx.

I thnk i found the problem
Ask to your isp the primary and second DNS.
Config them manually in your router.
Config them manually in your TCP/IP in the computer,
Restart the computer

and wualllaaa everything working OK

please let me know everything.

FeNArrO :D :eek:


Thx mate, as although your soloution did not work for me (as aol dont seem to have them) its lead to the soloution. For me i had to change the MTU from 1447 ish to 1400, solved my problem and suprizingly aol were helpfull for once :D

Once again thankyou for setting me on the right track :D

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