Ive been working on this problem where 'An organization is granted the block, the admin wants to create 500 fixed length subnets'
I'm having trouble with 'D' where i have to find the last address in subnet 500. Could someone explain how i could do this?
i am required to do the following questions: (i've already done till C)

a) Find the Subnet Mask = subnet mask is /17 since 9 bits are required for 512 subnet (8 + 9)
b) No. of addresses = 2^32-17 = 2^15 = 32768
c) Find the 1st and the last addresses in subnet 1 = 1st Address, last address (i did these using ANDing and ORing)
d) find the first and the last addresses in subnet 500

ps. the answers for D are: 1st :, last: (i just need to know how to get there)


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Well, if the first subnet starts at, and it ends at, then it means the second subnet starts at Then you get the pattern: for every subnet, add 128 to the third octet. You can add manually until the 500th subnet, or come up with a formula for that.

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