I have a Netgear WG111v3 adapter, a Netgear Wireless N-300 router and a Optus 2203C Modem and I have been unable to connect to the internet from my Computer in my room. We have 3 computers, one that is directly connected to the internet and two that are using wireless Netgear Adapters. On Tuesday evening i could not conect to the internet from my room, when i had perfect connection in the morning and for months before. But it wasn't that it just won't connect to the internet, it won't connect to the router. While it knew the network was there, it dosen't connect to the Router at all. On the other computers (which are both closer to the router) there is perfect connectivity. Also, on my PSP and Ipod the internet is fine even when used futher from the router than all the computers. I thought it might be my Adapter, but when I used the other more powerful one it still had the same problem. I restarted and Reinstalled the program twice and there is still no change. Recently, Windows reset my security system for some reason, but this was well before the Adapter stopped connecting. Also, i have had 8 blue screens of death late last month, 5 on one day. I don't know if there is any connection, but if there is please tell me a way to fix it. It is defintly my computer, because it works on all the other ones. Thanks for your help!

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Sounds like you have a device driver conflict; these are often caused by malware. This can be hard to troubleshoot, and may take some investigation.

First, we will go to the device manager:

-Hold the Windows Key and press R
-In the Run box type the following: mmc devmgmt.msc
-Press the ENTER key, or OK Button
-From the Device Manager's View menu, select Show Hidden Devices

Categories that are disabled or have a conflict will be marked with a red circle, or yellow exclamation mark... What are they?

Okay, there are many conflicts. All of the MpKsLxxxxxx ect. are conflicted except MpksL21a3c2b2. But these other ones seen to be more related to my problem. These are conflicted:
IP Network Adress Translator
TCP/IP Protocol Driver

The prudent thing to do would be to look up each one individually. If I were you, I would disable conflicted drivers one at a time. Begin with the ones that have non-sense names. When you disable the one that is conflicting with your network adapter, it should work. You can determine which driver is conflicting by

-right-clicking it
-select properties
-activate the Resources tab

The best way to resolve the problem would be to begin by running some malware scans.

-remove or disable all Anti-malware and Anti-virus software currently installed.
-download and install Emsisoft Emergency Kit from Cnet (you may need to put it on a flash drive first since your network adapter does not work)
-During the initial scan, it will ask you to quarantine detected items; do that.

If those methods are unsuccessful, run combofix from BleepingComputer.com. Save this as a last resort because it it aggressive, and can cause legitimate programs to stop working. Sure, you could just reinstall them, but you may or may not have the disks

Then be sure to install an antivirus like AVG, AVAST!, or MS Security Essentials.
Keep us posted on your results.

Good Luck

It Did Nothing. I still can't connect

Please go to device manager and show hidden devices again.

This time, scroll so that all disabled/troubled devices can be seen, and take a screen-shot as follows:

press the PrtSc key
open MS Paint
from the edit menu, select paste
save the file
post it here

I would also like to look at a HijackThis log. You will need to download, install and run it, saving a log file; then post it. Here is a link:


Good Luck

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