Hi guys,

I am trying to connect my PC to my NAS by using a network switch.
My previous setup worked like a charm:
|--> router
--------|--> NAS
--------|--> PC

I could connect from PC to NAS without any problems.
My new setup is no longer working:
|--> NAS
|--> PC

I cannot see my NAS in the list of devices that are connected to the network.
Anyone any ideas?
Or is the router absolutely necessary for what I want to do?

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Both your PC and NAS will have an IP address assigned since its connected to the network. Can you PING the NAS device from the PC? Open a command prompt, type PING "ipaddress of nas". If you are able to ping the NAS, then at least you know your network connectivity and IP settings are good.

A router is not required in a network. the purpose of a router is to have the ability to connect to a remote network (another subnet).

Hi Itg, thanks for your message.
There seems to be something wrong in my setup: I have scanned the network and found there are 4 devices linked to the switch.
If I try to ping them however I cannot seem to reach the other 3 devices, I always get the message

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination host unreachable.

I can ping the PC I am working on though.
Any ideas what could be causing this?

By "new setup" I presume you mean you have a new router? If so, what is the router/gateway address, and what is the NAS address? You may need ot change the NAS address if it is static.

no, i only have thrown my router out
I do not know how to change the ip addresses, i think the switch can not be configured in any way and uses dhcp to assign addresses, i cannot seem to ping these addresses for some reason, allthough ipscan can find them

What may be happening is that all of your devices are configured as DHCP clients. Your router was most likely running the DHCP service. Now that the router is. It connected, the ip leases have expired.

Switches wouldn't have a DHCP service.

Either bring the router back or assign static ips on your four devices.

thanks itg
I didn't realize this. I will try to figure it out from here, but I might be back if I mess up again :)
thanks for your help, it's much appreciated

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