I am not able to browse my own site www.example.com in my laptop alone, I turned off my firewall and proxy but still not able to browse the above site. I checked in chrome, IE, opera and firefox but none of them are opening the above site.

- All other sites are working in my laptop
- Same site is working fine on other machines and black berry connected to the same wifi (laptop also using this wifi only)
- I am having windows vista on my laptop

I think there is some setting in my laptop is blocking this site. It will be of great help if any one help me out at the earliest.

Attached : Firewall and proxy settings and all browser response.



Can you ping the site from a command prompt?

and try nslookup to see if you are able to resolve the domain name.

nslookup www.example.com

I tried giving the IP address directly on my browser URL, but still it's behaving the same.

I didn't do anything, from today its started working.....!!!!

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