hey guys,

i need to create a link between the DIDs showed in the freepbx and the custom app. i have at work.
now the DIDs showed in the freepbx are in the asterisk DB or the asteriskcdrdb DB and which table?

the setup im working with is centos/asterisk-now


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My name is Deepa and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. You can refer to this link:-



These links might help you.

For further help please reply.

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thx for the links

1st link was interesting, from what ive read i should use the DBget function from the CLI. which means more work for me. i cant use the exec() function in php to acces consoles. the company make me code c programs to interface with console calls.

2nd was less informal, A2Billing makes you add a trunk in the freepbx, therefor using DB calls from freepbx.

and the company added a request, they want the link to be bi-directionnal, so if an admin enters a new DID in our custom platform it must show in the freepbx and the other way around.

ill keep on reading, but my best guess to get this thing done is when i get to work monday, find the freepbx folder and do some reverse engineering.

thx for the reply

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