I am trying to hook up a home network so I can accomplish the following tasks with all the computers in the house:

1. I would like to go online (I currently have a Motorola cable modem that is hooked up to a wireless Netgear router)

2. I have two printers that I would like to share between all the computers

3. I would like the ability to share files and resources through all the computers

As for the hardware and my current set up I have a desktop (Vista) hardwired to the router in the basement with a printer attached via a USB. On the main floor I have two laptops (both XP) with wireless capability. On the second floor Is a MAC (not sure of OS I believe it's the one before Leopard) desktop that has a printer attached via a USB. I'm not having any problems getting online, I seem to have done that correctly. All computers have searched and found the Negear Wireless Connection that I setup in the basement. But as for sharing the printers I have no luck. The laptops are able to find the printer in the basement but can not print to it and none of the other computers can even find the printer attached to the MAC. As for file sharing I am totally lost. I can't seem to understand how the network is set up. Is it ICS that I should use? Are the files going to be shared through the router? What are the differences between the terms LAN, ICS, Residential Gateway, Wi-FI, and Bluetooth? Someone help me before I go crazy!!!! :)

ICS is internet connection sharing, a term used when you set up a windows box as a nat router. this is irrelevans since you already have a netgear router

macs have a built in samba client, so they can connect to windows shares. as for the rest of the windows workstations, all you need to do is google windows file sharing between vista, xp and whatever else you have there