I have recently bought the new kindle fire hd and authenticated it to my home wireless, okay that worked after I turn off both the kindle and wireless modem and turned them both on at the same time. The problem is now that everytime I do this and my son uses the kindle my laptop wireless automatically shuts off and gives me a messae telling me that I have somehow cancelled my wireless connection. The only way for me to re-establish laptop wireless connection is to turn off the kindle, plug in my ethernet cable into the modem and restart the modem and computer at the same time and reconfig the wireless. Can someone please tell me how to fix this so that I can use my wireless for both the kindle and laptop without having to reset the modem each time. Oh, and before anyone asks I have set my sons DSI to my wireless before and run them both at the same time without a problem, so more than one device can run on the wireless.

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This is an introduction forum so probably not the best place to ask this question. You can ask this question in the "Networking" forum.

Is the router kicking out the same NAT IP for the Kindle and therefore when it tries to connect to the laptop, it kicks it off? Interesting. Have you run the recent update on the Kindle fire? I hear that people are having problems with the WIFI.

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Also, check your router configuration to check it has enough IP address leases, i have known some home routers to allow only minimal wireless devices to connect. It may be called DHCP leases under the router configuration page.

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