i am trying to set up a small device network in my house.

upstairs, there is a broadband internet connection that leads to a linksys router, where multiple laptops are connected to wirelessly.

downstairs i am assembling a living room situation, and i am wanting my xbox, wii, and bluray player to be connected to the internet for update purposes and etc.

running a cat5 cable from the upstairs router downstairs isnt possible, its at total opposite sides of the house.

will i be able to get another wireless router to connect my downstairs devices to the internet connection upstairs? or would i just need a wireless hub? or another device?

attached is a crappy picture of what i'm wanting to do, in case im not speaking clearly.


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linksys router can be use to connect all your wireless devices. there is no configuration in the linksys device but you have to configure you wireless devices...like laptop ...you have switch on the wifi and scan for wireless connection then you will get your linksys device and configure it.


If you get good signal downstairs then you wont need any extra hardware. If the signal quality isn't good enough then a wireless repeater is all you need. It will act as a signal booster.


i understand that the router connected to the internet is the main menthod of connection

the reason why i'm needing something additional is becausethe xbox, wii, and bluray player dont have a wireless network device that will enable them to connect to th internet for updates...they still need a conection.

i'm just trying to throw the connection from downstairs to upstairs without using a hard line

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