I just recently set up a new DSL box.. and I'm not very swift with computers. :P It says my local area network is connected, but that my 'gateway is offline'. How can I fix this? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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did you install a router inbetween your DSL modem and your PC??
if so, make sure that your router is connecting to the DSL, check the status on it and also, are you using DHCP on your PC or static IP??

Some more details and I think we can help


Ok, I'm guessing the "Gateway is offline" error you are getting is from MSN messenger... Is that what you are having problems with? Or just the internet connection in general?

MSN - I don't use it, not really sure what the error means, but I can try to help if this is it.

Internet -
1.) What DSL company?
2.) What type of modem? (Brand name and model number)
3.) Light status on modem
4.) Are you hooked up directly to the modem with your computer?

This should give a good start to troubleshooting


hei!!!i ve got the same error!!!can anyone help me??im getting it in the msn"gateway offline" but the general connection also goes down, i get disconneted despite the router im using still is working.
ive got a netgear router with aol company. the connection is via wireless. I get disconnected from time to time.any solutions??

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