I am planning to host some ftp space on my laptop, however it is on a wireless network, gaining its network from a host computer.

So I have no idea what ip and port to be using. Any ideas how to sort this out?

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if your laptop is windows: ipconfig /all
if your laptop is *nix: ifconfig -a

this would tell you what your ip is.



Just a suggestion;

If you are running a NAT, you will need to get the external ip address for people to use it over the internet, you can use:
http://www.whatismyip.com for this.

If you are using this for internal uses, you may want to consider an alternate way to transfer files, FTP is considerably slower than some of the other protocol's available to transfer data. :D


Now that The've done a Spectacular job of getting You over the First hurdle, I can be of Great Help here. I've run a FTP from My computer for more than three years, and am willing to assist you in Real Time via Yahoo IM. I hope You haven't already Purchased any FTP prog, There's Lots of Free ones out there! I can tell ya about the Best One! It also now offers a Free Dynamic Addressing System for You Static "Named" site Address.

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