Dear All Respected People,
I want to get know about my working Clients Configuration, OS, Hardware configuration over the network. As i have more than 200 clients so it makes me difficult to get into 200 rooms for checking the configuration.

Re: How to check my more than 200-client's CPU's OS, H/W through Domain-C 80 80

Take a look at SpiceWorks.

It's an inventory system that can collect information about IT hardware remotely.
Though it also has a "client" agent that can be installed on your users computers for deep and detailed information, basic info can be retrieved without it using only system queries and WMI across the network.

Re: How to check my more than 200-client's CPU's OS, H/W through Domain-C 80 80


if you have access to all of the systems with a domain login it is really easy.

Windows OS
You can use powershell to get systems information from other Windows systems. This will depend on what OS is on the systems and can be tricky.

This is what I use: There is a utility called psinfo from sysinternals that is part of the sysinternals free software package. It is also listed now as a microsoft tool and can be downloaded as part of pstools from their web site. It will pull OS info including Service Packs and patches installed and even list applications installed and is very detailed.

Linux OS
If you are dealing with Linux systems then you will need a script to pull the data via ssh or rsh from each of the servers.

All pf these methods are free and use software under public license.

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