Hey all. Having some problems doing a server replacement at a public warehouse. The old server (IBM e-series on Server 2003 enterprise edition) uses SecureFX 4.5 software to punch through the warehouse firewall to retrieve files stored on their server. A batch job then takes the retrieved files and places them in an outbox folder used by software called CyberFusion. Cyberfusion securely transfers these files to our central server off-site. I am replacing this warehouse server with a new Lenovo M-90p ultra small unit. It will use the same static IP address as the other server and have the same configuration of SecureFX and CyberFusion (server 2003 as well). I am having problems getting the new server to get connected to the public warehouse network (with the same computer name and IP as the old server which is no longer connected). Probably a simple solution. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Server Replacement Issues 80 80

Can you ping the server you are trying to connect to?

Could it be that the old server was a member of a domain? Authentication issue? Not for the FTP connection obviously...

You might have some MAC address security somewhere on your network? I know Cisco switches can be configured to only allow a certain MAC address on a port for security reasons, but then this would mean no connectivity.

A few ideas for ya :-)

Cheers, Lawrence


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Re: Server Replacement Issues 80 80

MAC address filtering on a switch sounds like a very plausible culprit... how many hops can you get on a trace route command? If it doesn't get to the devices beyond a known switch on your network, I'd be suspicious of that... I'm otherwise not familiar with your current software stack. Sorry

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