I recently registered a name with no-ip.com

I also got abyss and the no-ip client. Now how to I edit my webpage and maintain it and also I can't access it when I type it in. What do I do? Also when i type it in, the website, it comes up with my router info?

So you have a dynamic-ip domain name... Do you have anything else? Do you know anything about how a web page is built or how web servers work?

I take it from your posts in the IP changing thread that you know a few things about dynamic IPs, but I have no idea if you know the basics of serving web pages. From your post it sounds like you have a dynamic IP domain name, the software for no-ip.org, a computer, and a desire to make a webpage but not much else. Please let us know what you know about serving web pages and what you want to use as your webserver.

Well I edited my index page. When I type in my webpage, I get my router information. I was wondering if ths was normal. I have built many websites, but I did this with a host, not running it off of my own computer. Do you need any more information?

Do you know what I mean when I refer to a web server? A web server is required for you to be able to serve web pages from your computer.

If you are running Linux, then you already have Apache, a very robost and secure web server, that you can use. If you are running a Professional or Server version of Windows, then you already have access to IIS, Microsoft's web server. Two web servers that will run on either Windows or Linux are Apache and lighttpd. Both of these web servers are available as source files, Linux packages, or Windows executables.

Other than just properly setting up and running your web server, you will also have to make sure that your router is forwarding requests on port 80 (the standard HTTP request port) to the machine that is running the web server.

As you can see, running your own web server is much more complex than just making an HTML file. It is not incredibly hard, it just takes some reading and a bit of patience.

Well I used abyss webserver, and I thought it was pretty simple. I know how to edit it. I am know what a web server is! I set it up for port forwarding. I was just wondering if that there was a way to see my webpage online. When I type it in I just get my router information. I was wondering if there is a way to get around this. Do I need to change my abyss to port 80 becuase it is on port 9999 right now. It just auto assigned it.

Yes, you can see it online. That is the purpose of setting up the no-ip software. The software ensures that the domain name maps to the correct IP as you have a dynamic IP address. This domain name then allows you to access your systems remotely, whether it is for serving web pages, an FTP server, or even remote login access to your systems.

In order for the port forwarding to work, the port numbers have to match. If you want to run your webserver on port 9999, then you also have to forward requests to port 9999 (you will also have to request that you connect on port 9999 such as http://mysite.no-ip.org:9999). If you want to run your webserver on port 80, then modify your webserver configuration to accept connections on port 80.

Since you get the router's config page (or something similar) when you try to access the domain name, you most likely have an option for remote access to the router set to port 80. Make sure that you have the remote access options disabled. You may also have to change the port that the router listens on for access to the configuration page (if you change this port, you will also have to request that port in order to get to the configuration page:

I checked out the Abyss Web Server. It does look like a very easy to use piece of software. Thanks for mentioning it. I will recommend it to friends that want to set up web sites on their systems but don't want to have to learn complex web server configurations.

O I got you. So i just have to turn off the remote access. I know that no-ip just updates my dynamic ip. Thanks for the help.