Dear All,
I am using cable net, in which they didn't gave me modem. I just plug the cat5 cable into lan to connect to the internet. I have asked them to give me 1mb speed. Does anyone tell me how they control internet speed in network becasue not everyone is have 1mb connection, someone has 2mb while some has 512kb ??
I will highly appreciate for your response.


It's called rate limiting. From their side, they will only allow a maxium number of packets/bytes through their pipe, the rest will be dropped. So on their side they would modify their routers/switches to only let "x" through whichever port you or vlan you are connected to.

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Shinedevil's answer is correct. Do you have any other questions regarding rate limiting?

Yes, I have another question; how do we know that in 1mb connection we have specific limit of downloading speed ?? Or in other words how do we know that I have really 1mb link and I am receiving excat 1mb downloading speed.

You probably won't have a sustained rate of 1mb, that's the max. There are plenty of sites and apps you can use online to test your download and upload speeds. Make sure you run them from systems that are wired. Wireless networking may contribute to additional slowness due to other factors.