I have server, OS is windows server 2008 r2, installed 2 network card>>>>
External for WAN
Internal for lan "clients"

I tired in trying to make nat, I want clients get internet from external, clients connect with internal...

i do not use isa or tmg, and i don't want use isa and tmg ,only i want use windows server with 2 network card.

What need to get internet to internal..

I applied what was in the video and also the site, and did not work...



this is image for my pc:


help plz....

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what a conincidence that you posted a link from a video that i published on youtube.. lol..
this one --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQhFbEPlRsU

You found me again here on DaniWeb! lol


That …

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what a conincidence that you posted a link from a video that i published on youtube.. lol..
this one --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQhFbEPlRsU

You found me again here on DaniWeb! lol


That video explains how to enable NAT on RRAS but not for internet clients accessing internal resources. It is for the reverse... NAT'ing your internal clients on outbound access to the Internet. So that video tutorial is not going to help you with finishing the configuration. It showed you how to enabled RRAS and NAT...that's good, but you need more to config..

I dont have a tutorial or video that I produced to help you with this, but I did a quick search and this tutorial should be able to help you get Internet clients into your network.


You already have RRAS enabled and NAT installed so you are almost there...

When you need to do outbound network address translation, take a look at my video again... lol.. what a coincidence...

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hi JorgeM:

realy this is your video, this is coincidence,

على العموم عندما أعمل nslookup هكذا يظهر لي:

Default Server: UnKnown
Address: fec0:0:0:ffff::1

For information, I do not understand English perfectly,This makes it difficult on myself to communicate fully.,,,

I hope you understand me, I have server OS installed windows 2008 r2
with tow network card the external with Public in other network and another with clients network.

thanks for you,,,,,

Yes, I published that video, check my profile on YouTube and here, links back to my website. But I simply found that comical. That's not important.

I know what you are trying to accomplish. You have a networking service you want to expose to Internet clients. Fine, you do need NAT enabled. Take a look at the link I posted. It's an article that has screenshots and descriptions on how to do this. You have most of the configuration done already.

You want inbound NAT, not outbound NAT.

jorge,,,, if you ready to connect my server and check my setting I well give you user name and pass,,, can you ?!
if you can give me your email name or facebook account to send datails>>>
thanks very much..

Regarding your settings. It would be easier to provide you with guidance if you draw it on a visual map.

Before you need to work on the inbound NAT, you need to make sure that your computer and NAT server are working on the network as expected. Does your internal host have access to the internet via the RRAS server? Can they ping each other. When that is good, then work on the NAT configuration.

I'll mention again that the link I posted above provides you with the steps you need to configure inbound NAT.

Maybe there is an language translation issue here, but there is no need to move forward until you have validated all of these steps.

Also, What network service are you trying to expose to the internet? You havent specified that as of yet. are you trying to expose a web server? Depending on what you are trying to expose, that will determine how you configure the inbound NAT rules on the RRAS server.

once you have it all setup, you can easily check to see if your internal host is reponsding to Internet request by using a website like this...


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Thank you.

Port 80 is closed on

and ther is ping between Private network.

so What do you think of the logging on the my server?

since you mention port 80, that indicates to me that you have a web server running inside your network.

What you need to do is make sure that your inbound NAT rule is setup for port 80 on the RRAS server. Have you checked that?

Then, you have to make sure that on our internal client, you have IIS (or other web server app) running and that you first validate from within your network, that yes your web server is working.

When you validate the NAT rule and your internal web server from inside your network, then use the tool on the internet to check your port 80.

If it is closed, that means that there is no response from your network to a request on port 80.

based on the pictures you provided so far, I can not tell you for sure if your configuration is correct. There are too many important configuration settings needed that you are not including. Check the link I posted. It provided you with the step by step guide on how to setup the inbound NAT.

thanks jorge

thanks jorge, realy thanks,,,it working<<<
i install new windows 2008 and apply configuration,,,and success...
however, I want block adult porn sex website< any program best?!

You have different options here. The solution will include either URL filerting (a list of URLs that are allowed or disallowed) and/or a proxy solution.

You can either install software on the server if clients on your network. There is client software out there that is free such as Blue Coat's K9. Or some AV companies bundle URL filtering in their products too.

For a server or network solution, it will be hard to find some free unless you look into Linux based solutions.

I did not understand a lot of your words,,,,,

but like what linux? "if I understand you on filter OS"

Linux is another type of operating system. Think open source, not like Windows.

In your case I recommend you look into a client solution to handle Internet web filtering.

i was used gfi webmonitor with isa
but when i use server 2008 must be used TMG and new coy from GFI like version 2012 or 2013 but i have not license key for newer version ,
so i want you to get me to Using easier way with the explanation of the road or that show me way>
Thank You so much..

Yes those solutions are expensive. Look into the client options. That may be all you need. The server/network solutions will ensure that no matter what clients you have on the network, you will make sure traffic is filtered. It it difficult to find a good server solution that is free especially for Windows.

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