I have one problem with network.
Please help me.

Description :
I be going to running a network.
The operation system of clients is MS-DOS and they should connect to the server novell that ,is in other place. by one commeunication line (dial/up , P2P)

For this porpost I use of two computer that thems operation system are windows server 2003 that they have used for running VPN server.

I have use of netware clients for windows for commiunicate of windows with novell.
I have run the services DNS , DHCP , WINS and RAS in windows server for running VPN server.

Problem :

  1. What is protocol that use for connect Dos to Windows ? (TCP/IP or IPX)
  2. What is configuration of Dos for introduce to Novell that ,is in other place ?
  3. What is configuration Windows server for make commiunication between Dos and Novell ? (configure VPN server)

please look at this image :

Please Help me about this problem.
Thanks for Your guide.

What version of NetWare are you running? Can you ping the NetWare server from your DOS clients?

What version of NetWare are you running? Can you ping the NetWare server from your DOS clients?

I use of:
Novell Client 4.91 SP3 English.exe

Dos doesn't ping netware server.
becuese i don't configure dos. (getway)
and i running TCP/IP protocol in dos not IPX.

How introduce Novell server to Dos ?

In this day and age, all your remote computers should be running windows. That said, it is still possible to make DOS based computers do useful work.

To connect DOS to a novel server you need to run the DOS client for Netware setup. It is simpler if the server is running XP but can be done with TCP/IP.

I have no idea why you are trying to gateway the dos through two windows computers to the netware server. This sounds nuts, difficult and slow.

If the computers are remote with a communication link running between two locations then I recomend you use routers on each end, possibly setting up a VPN between them. This will make it seem to the DOS workstations that they are on the same network as the server.

If the link is slow, then I suggest you have the remote DOS boxes connect to other computers that are local to the server via a PC-Anywhere or similar session. It will require one computer on the servers network for each computer that needs to come in remotely. This will allow applications to run with speed, since only the screen and keyboard codes go back and forth accross the link. Just as fast as being there.

If you hare more than 2 or 3 remote computers than setting up one Windows Terminal Server on the servers network will allow multiple remote computers to connect and run applications without having a computer on the host/servers network for each one.