i'm having a problem when i try to telnet my netgear router (JWNR2000v2)

i could ping it but when i try to telnet it using puTTy, it says that the connection is closed by the remote host.

i tried using telnetEnable.exe but i don't know if its working or not.

i also tried to connect to other routers and it's working just fine, so i'm guessing it has something to do with the netgear router or its settings.

what could my problem be? hope you guys can help me thanks

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so i'm guessing it has something to do with the netgear router or its settings.

Your netgear router may simply not be running a telnet server service. Have you checked its documentation?


thanks. how would i know if my router is not running a telnet server service?


As JorgeM said, you need to have telnet activated on the router itself.

Netgear's website says to go to the Security tab, and click the Access sub-tab. There, you enable telnet. Source


Thanks Mouche but i think that configuration is for switches


It maybe that this device does not have the ability to run telnet. That is why i suggested to have a look at the support manual. Telnet isn't available on every network device.



You could always try nmap to see what ports are open on the router. Netgears usually have a built in web server for configuration and you just put the IP address of the router in your browser.


i finally got this working for me. thanks for the help guys :)

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