I have ATT U-verse i-net runnung a 3800HGV-B. I would like to run my SOHO thru my linksys 160N router. I've read numerous articles about how this can be done, but this 3800 has put a hex on me. Has anyone done this successfully, AND, do you have a clearcut How-To? Do I use DMZ or port forwarding, or am I overthinking this thing... I don't want to screw up a G network that is running just fine now, but the jump to N would be cool. Thx.

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There are various solutions you can implement. It depends on the end goal or vision for your network.

Each design will have a different config.

If you want to run both devices as routers, you will need at a bare minimum, to create static route(s) on the edge router ( your uverse) to be able to route packets into the internal segment behind the Linksys.

You could look into disabling routing on the uverse equipment and just bridge. I'm not hands on familiar with the model you listed. You'd have to look at the documentation.


I am pretty sure that you can turn the router into a simple switch. You would still be able to use the wireless capability but you would use the DHCP from the the UVerse router. If you run into issues you an go on line to the Linksys site and chat with a tech about how to set it up.

I have a UVerse modem as well. I used it's Router-behind-Router fuction and the 'forward all ip to single host' to emulate a network bridge since the Uverse modems don't have a true bridge mode. My internal router now has the public IP assinged to it even though the Uverse modem is still detectable in-line.

Is this what you were after?

Where did you find the router behind router function?

Thank you for your input, but this didn't really do the trick. I'm starting to think this another AT&T whammy. Everything in my house is N capable "except" AT&T. I've gotten rid of everything else AT&T, I think it's time to kick them to the curb alltogether.

You should be able to disable the AT&T wireless access. In addition, i suspect you should be able to bridge the connection between the two routers thereby disabling the routing on those interfaces, or just set up the appropriate routes on the AT&T router. I would hope that the devices provides you with that option. Although its possible they don't because they may not want you to be able to connect more than one subnet behind the AT&T device to ensure a max of 253 hosts on th internal LAN. I would think that a call to their level 2 support would help you get this answer.

JorgeM is right. You can Disable the wifi on the ATT router/modem. These devices lack a true "bridge" mode. The best you can do is use the gui to setup the "DMZ" host internally and disable all firewall services.

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