I have following configuration-
--DSL Modem---- (Has only 1 lan port ) -IP address - 192.168.1....DHCP ON

--Netgear Router R6300V2 --- Connected to modem via WAN port on router -IP address -- DHCP ON

--IP Camera -IP Address -- STATIC IP - Connected to lan port on router.

My all devices are connected to router. How can a i do port forwarding of IP camera to router then again from router to modem ?

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Sounds like your DSL modem is in router mode. First thing is to see if your DSL modem has a bridge mode or has an option for a router behind router mode. This way your netgear becomes your permimeter device.

Second, on your netgear you need to create the port forward on your IP camera listening port from the outside to the internal camera ip at

My router doesn't have bridge mode but has port forwarding option. Can i do port forwarding from ip camera to router than forward the same port with routers ip to modem? Will this work ?

You described your modem having a private ip on the inside. The Modom must go into bridge mode, not your wifi router.

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