Dear sir/madam,


You are a technician who is working at XYZ , which is one of a leading higher education institute in Sri Lanka. XYZ currently has three schools, Computing, Business in XYZ1 and Law in XYZ2 are located in two separate buildings, Both has a Local Area Network which provides all the required IT facilities to more than 1000 students and more than 100 staff members.

XYZ is planning to expand their operations in 2015 by starting a new Engineering School within the XYZ1 premises. For this new Engineering schools XYZ needs another academic staff room and two small sized computer labs with 20 computers each.

As a technician hired by XYZ, it is required to study the existing XYZ network, identify required hardware devices and write a proposal to expand the network with the above mentioned requirements.

*XYZ1 has 7 floors which are wanted to be network together. I need to know how to use RIP networking protocol in this scenario as well as how the routers and switches are being connected each other successfully to communicate with each other.

*The proposed system in 5th floor should include academic staff room and two small sized computer labs with 20 computers each.

*I want be aware how the proposed network(Engineering section) will be connected with the rest.

Please be kind enough to solve this problem as a great help. I will be grateful if you reply to me as soon as possible with a good solution.

Thank You.

If this is an academic exercise you should solve it yourself. The process of solving hard problems is what education is all about; having others provide a simple solution (that you fail to understand) breaks that process.

If you are a professional and are directly asking others to do your work I'd suggest you resign. In a professional capacity, you risk not only your reputation but the success of your employer if you are untruthful about your abilities.

Ditto previous writer. There are vatriety of tools that can be used to shown this network.

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