I've been trying to set up a small network with the Server app on Yosemite. I don't want to do anything crazy with the server, I'd just like to know how I can set up network user accounts so that they can login from other Mac computers on the same network. I already have Open directory set up, the Macs that will be used on the network with the server have already been joined to the server under login options. I have created the network user account, I have also joined the user account to a group that I created. When I try to login to the network account from one of the Macs, it doesn't work. I'm pretty rookie with Mac server, can anyway give me any pointers of what I should be doing? Or if I am doing something wrong. Thanks guys.

Re: Need help with network user accounts on Mac server App on Yosemite 80 80

Have you posted this question on the Apple user forums, or looked on the Apple site for a FAQ about this?

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