i'm joining a network which provieds me with internet connection through Lan Cable , the thing is i've to enter user name and password he gave me for only on computer online at a time, can't log in with more devices cuz he only gives me one IP

i've a server with active directory and domain and computer connected to it through my router , is there anyway i could recieve the internet connection from the other network into the server then it manages its network and other computer has access to internet

" i want to make my network accessale to the internet which i have from another network "

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Yes it can be done. You need to set up NEtwork Address Translation on the server. You also need two NICs on that server. Connect one NIC to the router and the other NIC to a switch then all of the computers to the switch.

Here is a video tutorial:

hey JorgeM , thanks for the great tutorial,

now i'm connecting the client in private network to internet just fine

but there was something weired, the laptop connects fine through the router in the private network, but when i connect a smartphone it shows that there is nbo internet access?

should any client device must be logged into the server ?, is there any possible way i could make the router in the private lan has the internet access too?

How I'm is this smartphone connecting on your private side? Did you connect a wireless access point? Please clarify.

in my private side, i've a server with 2 lan interfaces, one for the public side , and another one connected to a wireless router through a cable, and a client laptop connected wirless to the same router and works online fine, is there anywa =y possiable so i can make the router broadcast the internet connection from the server?

Thanks for helping and time :)

nywa =y possiable so i can make the router broadcast the internet connection from the server?

yes it already does...

The problem here is likely to be the wireless router configuration. If you have a wireless router, why are you using the server as your Internet Gateway? it would be much simplier to place the wireless router in the place of the server, then just plug the server into one of the wired ports of the wireless router. This allows you to have a much simplier configuration where the server doesnt need NAT running and you dont have so many devices on the network acting as a router.

Alternativly, if you leave it as is, then I'd recommend that you configure the wireless router to simply act as a wireless access point and disable the router settings, dhcp settings and anything else on that wireless router that is not related to the access point function. In this configuration, every device on that private segement would use the server's private interface as the default gateway. For this to work, the server would need the DHCP service enabled and you would assign dynamic IPs to all of your clients on the private side of your network.

Again, I would really urge you to consider a different design. It makes more sense to use the wireless router that you already have as your primary Internet gateway and just plug everthing on your private side into that.

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