I have an office server and I need to add a computer to the server. There is already a computer using the network conection from that room. I want to put a router into that room so that both computers can be attached to the network. I have a d-link di-824VUP to attach. I can get both of the computers to connect to the internet through the router, but neither can see the network resources. The router is using dlink's default address, should I change the address to the same as the network's address range with its own last 3 digits obviously.

Any help would be appreciated.

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the routers firewall is blocking the pcs network access unblock the ports

How can I find out which ports need to be opened?


Add the computers to the specific network that your trying to attach them to,via network places --- is the workgroup and network the same as the rest or is this a different network/intranetwork???


All of the machines are going to the same domain. The original machine was on that domain and the old and new one will go to the domain through the router. I have actually managed to get the machines to use the printers ow if I set them up as local printers and create a TCP/IP port for each printer. I still can't see and of the other machines on the domain which is required.

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