I have Symantec Enterprise Edition of Norton operating with an OS of WIN 98. When downloading all the new Anti-Virus updates all the users but one are receiving the new updates. What could be causing this, and what can I do to get this one user up-to-date updates. :eek:

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I know people will answer this differently then me but, get off Win98.

What version of NAV? What are you using to update NAV?


You are using 98, and all the computers are getting their updates except for ONE. I would be checking to see what is making that one computer unique. Different IP address? Networked properly? On all the time to receive the update? Different control panel setup? I would be leaning that direction.

I do agree that a migration from 98 would be quite smart for you, especiallyif you are in a business and need updates. But we need to rememeber that those decisions COST money, and your firm might not be prepared for that.


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