I've just attempted to set up a password on our network (WPA-PSK).

And now I'm trying to connect to the internet, on my laptop, through a wireless network which uses a Belkin54g router.

My laptop says that it's connected but the internet pages are saying "The page cannot be displayed".

When I went through the 'configuration' process I changed the network name (SSID?) on the computer to something else but when I view the Wireless networks in range...it's still showing as belkin54g.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you for any feedback you can give me!!

Wireless can be very tricky at the best of times. I my self have two laptops and it wasnt until i got Windows Vista that they have really worked properly on my network. Through windows xp you need to start right from the start. Remove any ip addresses youve added. Any accounts for dial up if you dont need them anymore. Eliminate anything that might confuse Windows xp (it doesnt take much) Then run the network wizard and follow the details "Internet from another computer", da da da... And hopefuly it will work. If you get really annoyed with it buy vista upgrade slap it on and problem fixed (thats the wireless problem im talking about) hehe hope it helps

on XP
open the properties of your wireless connection ---> Wireless Networks and delete all of your preffered networks. then re-scan for new networks in the area.