:(i have a netgear dg834g wireless router i have an acer aspire 5050 notebook running windows vista home premium (connected wirelessly) and a fujitsu siemens scaleo Pi running windows xp sp2 i noticed yesterday that the wireless internet connection on my laptop kept going on and going off etc. i then logged onto my home pc (siemens ) and found an error message on the screen : saying conflicting ip adress . i attempted to click on the speech bubble only to find that when i did it disappeared (i was hopnig for a wizard to fix the problem) but alas nothing. and know i find that the siemens pc,s internet connection that is connected to the router directly through an ethernet cable which worked yesterday doesnt work any longer and yet i can connect to the internet through my laptop albeit intermitantly. please help how can i solve this problem???

Check that all your machines are set to get thier IPs in the correct way

If the router is giving out adresses by DHCP make sure that ALL clients are set to get thiers by DHCP.

If it is not set to give out adresses by DHCP check that no two clients have the same IP adress

thanks for the reply ill give it a go :P