Two weeks ago I bought a Netgear DG834G Modem/Router from Amazon and set it up with no problems:

Tiscali ADSL line into a filter, then into the Modem/Router, with PC (running ME) connected via ethernet and new Dell laptop (XP) connected wirelessly.

A few days later I set the security up using WPA. Again, no problems.

However, all of a sudden, I have NO internet connection through the device, although the laptop tells me the wireless connection is still fine.

I have tested the ADSL line using my old modem, no problems connecting there.

I have checked the physical connections and wires, no problems there.

I have tried resetting the device - it goes through the normal set up process but no connection is made.

Should I assume that this is a hardware failure in the device?

The only other potential issue I can think of could be to do with Microsoft's security updates, as these are the only other potential variables.

Obviously I've contacted Netgear, but nothing back so far...

Anyone got any ideas? The device is effectively useless at present - and only after a week's use! Thanks a lot.

Hiya Max here...

Ok I'm no techy, well not that deep into it, though i do possess a netgear router dg 814.. Broadband connection with this type of router tends to be quite straight-forward. It principally works using a "Lan bridge connection driver" and this driver is usually to be found with your pc's motherboard drivers software. Once this has been installed the router can be identified by your pc.. Re the fact you have a wireless connection there could also be the issue of resetting or reinstalling all related drivers too. Always suspect drivers to be a problem until all options have been covered, before suspecting hardware to be faulty. If you also check your system hardware device manager that might indicate where your problem might be... Hope this in some way helps solve your problem...

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