i have fastream netfile server and i want to setup an http or ftp server with limited access can someone guide me through the setup

we, i have used bulletproof ftp, its available for free trial download.

Its very self explanitory.

Simply download it then go though the install routing.

when you add users to it, you specify what directories they have access to i.e. where they can download from.

each username have be specified with different permissions.

hope that helps

RaidenFTPD FTP Server is something you can try, it allows you to setup a ftp server with account, ip address, disk path permissions securities.

serve-u ftp is good too, and free.

I use Sysax FTP Server (http://www.sysax.com) that supports both FTP and HTTPS access. It's also pretty straightforward to setup and use.

serve-u ftp is good too, and free.

Serv-U is NOT a free ftp server / they have a demo that you can use.


I use this software on my windows box, and love it. Have been using this since version 1.