As I was re-developing my Netware 6.0 server on the home network, I found this utility:


that allows me to run Remote Console on my Macintosh (OS X 10.3.4). the colors come through very nice, and I can move from screen to screen. This is truly a wonderful port.

I would have went up directories to find a description of the tool, but the webpages come up with no information.



And wholly crap... I think you and I are the only two people left in the world with a home NetWare server...

Hey Tek,

Maybe. I recently bought this one back to life because of reviewing materials for a certification upgrade. I will have to note for the record that my main server box is a RH Linux 9.0 server, and the main desktop is a Powerbook G3 running OS X.

I will be doing more testing with this Novell 6.0.5 server (SP 5 installed) and see if I can get it and WIndows 2003 server to play nice. Maybe start some wars on Group Policy vs. Zenworks. See if I can make a mail loop between Outlook and Groupwise, and see who wins.

I am also seeing a new Novell Groupwise for Mac OS X beta out there for evaluation. I am going to work on that next.