HELP!! As usual i follow instructions and mess up !!

1) Have a Dell Laptop with WIN 2000 OS, loaded WIN XP pro (with NTFS) and now i have both OS. When i boot i get the option of choosing any one OS.

2) How do get rid of WIN 2000 OS

3) Most of my program files (Norton Antivirus, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc) are on the 2000 OS and i do not know how to get them over to be used from the XP OS.

4) Lastly the Dell laptop comes with preloaded software like Speed step technology etc which is only available only on the WIN 2000 OS

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hi when you installed xp pro you should have got the option to delete the old operating system or keep it obviously you want to format it and chose to install the xp pro. What you could do now though is save what u want to a disk and format the pc problem solved. hope this helps.


Okay when i loaded XP, it was the Install new OS and not upgrade from 2000 to XP, i dont think it offered me the option to delete 2000 OS.

Is there some way to Map the program files from the 2000 OS over to the XP OS; after which how do i delete 2000


When you installed xp it should have told you that another os was already installed and do you want xp to delete this os first b4 new install.
If u have a book with your laptop it will tell you how to format eg when i format my laptop i insert disk turn on laptop whilst keeping the c button pressed.


Unfortunately, running both OS "side by side", your apps won't be available in XP unless you first uninstall xp and go back to single boot win2000, and then you should re-try and hope you get the chance to upgrade 2000 to xp. OR Usually it's best to get your data off and nuke the current OS for a clean install of XP. Usually Dell gives you a CD with all your programs on it. It *might* install them to XP once you have installed it successfully. If you can, find someone with Ghost to image your HD so you can completely restore win2000 and retry if something goes wrong. (Sure wish Ghost would write to external USB2 drives!) Having used Dells at work for 6 years, I find you can almost always get drivers and other stuff on their web site if you look around. Dell Community forums are tons of help, kind of like DaniWeb for Dells!

Hang on a bit! Are these OS's installed to different drive partitions? That's the first question which should be asked. Where are they located on the hard drive(s)?

If both are installed to separate partitions, then the Win2000 installation can be removed. Programs installed under Win2000 will have to be reinstalled under XP of course - they can't be 'moved over'. But data can stay in place and quite possible program settings can remain.

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