Ok here is the deal. I am tring to network my husband's computer and my computer so we can share the cable modem. Now i have done everything possible to netwrok these two puters, i even have tried walk throughs found online about how to network xp to 98 using a crossover cable. Here is the problem that still exists. I have the local connection wich works fine for the cable modem to the xp box, than the xp box has a second nic card wich i have the crossover cable connected to, i set up a local connection for that but it says a network cable is unplugged even though the cable is in there. I know all 3 nic cards work since i connected the cable modem directly to them to make sure, i dont beleive its the crossover cable considering when i called my cable company and asked about it the guy suggested i connect a regular network cable to the nic card on xp and it should not say a canle is unplugged, well i did that and it still said a cable is unpluged. Anyone have any ideas, we eventually will get a router and do it that way, but till than i would like to be able to get online with my computer, so any suggestions are much appreciated.

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Look really close at the ends of the crossover cable. Look at the colors. What are they?

from what i can see they colors are as followed from 1-8....green ,green ,orange ,not sure ,blue, orange ,brown/white ,and brown

Ok, the cable looks like it's correct on the swapped end. The green and orange are swapped, right?

Have you tried connecting just the two computers, and not the cable modem?

Try a different crossover cable.

yeah i beleive its the crossover cables, the cards work fine but no lights come on when i plug in the crossover cable, but the lights come one when i plug in the cable modem. the cheapest crossover cable in my area is 22bucks, so i am just gonna wait till hub's next pay check and get a router. at least than i hope it will work

For cost, a 486/early pentium can be turned in to a router. I have an Early Pentium (Needed the PCI slots for the NICs) that I use daily for my Internet router. I'm running an easy-to-setup linux router called "Freesco" (not "FreeSCO", the designers don't like the emphasis of "SCO" ;-) ). www.freesco.org

You are going NIC to NIC, right?

Your connections looks like this, right?
[modem] ---straight--- [Computer] ---crossover--- [computer]

22 Bucks! Good grief~! What area do you live in? I pay about $3.00 retail and frequently give them away.

$22 doesn't surprise me... That's what I often see network cables overpriced for. What most people don't realize is bulk cable, connectors and crimper runs about $60 total.

It may also be worth while to check you link speed and duplex and make sure its set to auto detect

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